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PB Sports Therapy specialise in Sports Injury Rehabilitation. 

 When you get injured you will need to go through a rehabilitation program before returning to sport to ensure you do not re-injure yourself.  We take you through the 4 stages of rehabilitation to get the best result and to make sure you are ready for your return to sport.  
Reduce pain, rest, protect injured area and reduce swelling
Restore range of motion and flexibility
Restore strength, power and endurance
Restore co-ordination, balance, sport specific skills and agility
We are now very excited to offer Running Technique Analysis and coaching. 
Running Biomechanical Analysis
One hour session where we analyse your running biomechanics and movement patterns. The video analysis and functional movement assessment allow us to identify any movement inefficiencies or weaknesses that may cause injury or prevent you from running faster. 
Running Technique Coaching (Block of 6 one hour sessions)
 Block of six one hour running technique coaching sessions where we teach you the correct technique. The coaching is bespoke to you, your movement patterns and goals.  You are prescribed tailored running homework throughout the programme to enhance your running technique and movement patterns.