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We are currently closed for face to face appointments but are offering our full services through online and telephone calls. Please see Online consultation tab for further information on our current services 

Our Treatments

As Sports Therapists we are able to assess, manage and treat a large range of injuries.

Our aim at PB Sports Therapy is treat your injury as well as correct the cause of the injury which will enable you to return to your functional fitness in the most efficient way within the most optimal time possible but also correct the cause of the injury helping prevent it occurring again.

This is normally achieved by a mixture of the treatments available in the clinic.

Sports Massage/ Deep Tissue Massage

Sports massage and Deep Tissue massage is aimed at individuals who regularly participate in sporting activity or individuals with muscular pain from their day to day activities. Sports massage manipulates soft tissue which will help improve and restore correct muscle function, increase flexibility and blood flow, remove waste products and break down adhesion. The massage we offer includes Muscle Energy Techniques (METs), Soft Tissue Release (STR), Myofacial Release and other Advance Sports Massage Techniques.

Joint Mobilisations and Spinal Mobilisations

Joint mobilisations are gentle mobilisations that aim to regain normal joint movement in a pain free range. Joint mobilisations aim to increase range of motion, reduce pain and stiffness by restoring the joint to its fully functioning motion. Mobilisations are normally used as a treatment with other types of soft tissue treatment.

Electrotherapy - Ultrasound & Interferential Therapy

Ultrasound Therapy is a treatment method used on soft tissue (muscle, tendon and ligaments) too promote healing. Therapeutic Ultrasound stimulates the tissue using sound waves which cause a deep penetrating massage under the skin.  Ultrasound waves stimulate blood flow which increase the healing process by aiding the inflammation process,  reduce pain and decreasing swelling.

Interferential Current therapy is used to reduce chronic pain and aid healing with out the use of drugs.  Interferential is used on muscle to reduce spasm and aid the healing of muscle strains. This is done by applying a small electrical cross over current to the tissue causing stimulation of circulation and the nervous system.

Vacuum Cupping Therapy

Vacuum Cupping therapy is a alternative therapy that is used on all types of soft tissue. Vacuum Cupping therapy is where the therapist applies a cup to the skin using suction. The cups can be static (Dry Cupping) or can be used with oils for deep tissue massage. Dry cupping may leave marks onto skin for 4-10 days which is due to the blood stasis and localised healing, it is reported the darker the mark the more healing is taking place in that area of the tissue. Cupping Therapy can loosen fascia, reduce pain and inflammation and stimulate blood flow.


Nutrition is a key part of your recovery.  We can make sure you are taking on the right amounts and types of food to fuel your performance and aid your recovery. We build a bespoke nutritional plan that will fit in to you day to day life as well as compliment your training programme.

Exercise Rehabilitation

Following an injury it is vital to rebuild and reeducate the body back to its former status. We build rehabilitation programmes for all stages of exercise rehabilitation from initial injury all the way through to the functional training including flexibility,  strength, power, Proprioception and agility. This can include postural analysis and correction

Rocktape Tape

Rocktape is a brand of kinesiology taping which helps reduces pain, swelling and inflammation and aids correct function of muscles,  tendons and ligaments. It has a wide range of uses from aiding injury recovery to improving power and performance.  All of our therapists are qualified RocDocs.

Sport Specific Strength and Conditioning

Strength and conditioning is a key element of any training programme.This plays a major role in your performance during training and completion but also at keeping you injury free. We build unique training programmes which will compliment your training in many sports working towards improving performance and reducing the risk of injuries.

Posture Analysis and correction

Your posture plays a major part in your bodies well being.  If you have poor posture you are more likely to suffer with pain and discomfort.  We look at you current posture and the reasons why it is in the position it is. We then build a bespoke rehabilitation programme to aid you with the correction.

Pregnancy Massage (after the first Trimester)

Pregnancy Massage aims to alleviate many of the common aches and pains that develop within pregnancy as well as provide some much needed relaxations.  Pregnancy massage can help reduce legs cramps and swelling,  ease headaches,  reduce lower and upper back pain,  relieve sciatica and pelvic girdle pain.  This is all with a pregnancy massage specialist.

121 Pilates

121 pilates is tailored to you to meet your individual needs. Whether you are sturggling with back pain,  weakness or just would like a little more attention given to your posture 121 pilates is ideal for you. Pilates is also great way to increase flexability and gain strength.  

Personal Training with Kelly

Personal training is exercise based session where you work towards a particular goal or gain 121 help with your training.  

Movement Analysis and Muscle Re-patterning

Following an injury or day to day life activities such as driving or using a computer we pick up compensation movements.  These compensatory movements are a dysfunction in the kinetic chain and can cause you pain and discomfort.  We work with you towards you goals to assess and correct the poor biomechanics and movement dysfunction. See Rehabilitation pages to find out more.  

Running Biomechanics Analysis and coaching

This leads on from the movement analysis and looks at how you move as a runner.  Over time your style can change based on you previous injuries,  distance you run or could be you just have never been taught how to run correctly.  We look at your technique from head to toe coupled with movement analysis then build a programme based on your individual goals whether that be to run pain free,  faster or for longer! See Running Academy pages to find out more.