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Graduates from PB Running Academy Running Technique Programme




Nicki has been running for a number of years. Nicki has been plagued by injury and pain. Nicki also has been struggling to increase her times too. after 3 weeks of movement rehab and 6 weeks of running coaching Nicki is now running pain free and faster. 




Helen came in to us wanting to increase her running distance but making sure she lowers her risk of over use injuries. After 6 training sessions she has made huge changes. Over the next few months Helen has a few 10km runs to enjoy. Well done Helen.




Francesca came to us after wanting to change her running style to prevent injury and become faster at park run and 10km runs. Not only has she become stronger and changed her style but has massively improved in her DMS work too. Massive well done for all the hard work




Henry came in to us with on going Achilles tendonitis that flared up every time he got back into his running. After 6 coaching sessions on technique and strength Henry is now running pain free in his achilles meaning he can get back into a normal running routine. Well done Henry