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About PB

Personal Best Sports Therapy started when Lotti and Terry moved to North Yorkshire in 2015 after having their beautiful little boy.

After maternity leave Lotti was looking for job that was flexible to family life as well as something she knew and loved which is helping people (which Lotti had also found out she was good at this in previous jobs too).

The idea came about the setting up our own clinic would allow us to bring all of the best bits from each clinic Lotti has worked in but also focus on our own vision, goals and dreams. Once it had been decided it was a great opportunity, Lotti and Terry they started working on branding and building the image of the clinic in they wanted to create. PB sports therapy was set up!

The Clinic

The clinic has expanded a number of time since we opened

Now has a number of therapist which work with us all with the focus of allowing you achieve your Personal Best. We are 100% dedicated to getting you back on track.

We can help and provide treatment for a wide range of conditions, including back pain, neck pain, sciatica, trapped nerves, sports injuries or pregnancy discomfort and more.

We treat using a range of methods, including electro therapy, mobilisations, Sports and deep tissue massage techniques, in Catterick, North Yorkshire. Whatever your concern, we can find the right service for you.


Lotti's Bio

Lotti is our Clinical Director and founder therapist of PB Sports Therapy

She had dreamt about running her own clinic for many years, from a very young age Lotti wanted to become a Physiotherapist.

After doing work experience at school she realised that Physiotherapy wasn’t exactly the job she had thought and a dreamt about, it wasn’t dealing with sports injuries and rehabilitating individuals back to sport and full fitness on a daily basis.

After leaving disheartened Lotti found sports therapy which was exactly what she has been looking for. Lotti choose her A levels and degree subjects so she could pursue a career in sport therapy.

After completing her degree Lotti worked in a number of clinics and within a number of sports clubs but never found they had the focus and drive to help people in the way she wanted. These are the focus we now work towards daily in PB Sports Therapy.

In Lotti’s spare time she likes to spend time with her horses,  another passion lotti has had from a very young age,  as well as family days out walking and exploring the Local area.   

Terry's Bio

Terry is our Co-founder at PB Sports Therapy

Terry has been a serving member of Her Majesty's Armed Forces for the past ten years. While serving Her Majesty he has learnt some fantastic skills which provide key to the running and success of the clinic. Terry’s passion revolves around creating a unique experiences in the clinic.

His enthusiasm excels in the clinic and has helped to create an incredible place to for clients to come for treatment with either a Graduate Sports Therapist or a Sports Massage Therapist. After completing his service Terry plans to continue studying and develop new skills to become an Osteopath to work within Personal Best Sports Therapy.

Terry is keen to get as much sport played as possible, he’s recently taken part in numerous cycling events, half marathons, cross country and up until 2016 represented and competed regularly for the British Army Rowing Team.