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Prices & Booking Information

What to expect at Personal Best Sports Therapy

As soon as you walk through our clinic door, you can expect to be warmly welcomed into a friendly and family run clinic at Personal Best Sports Therapy.

Our mission is to provide the best clinical care for our clients.

We put our clients and therapists at the centre of what we do, ensuring that our clients enjoy a professional and comfortable experience.

At Personal Best Sports Therapy we understand that each and every client is unique in their own way.

We treat each case based on your individual needs

Our team of therapists have been specifically trained to understand the importance of not just identifying the injury, but also educating you so that you have a better understanding the mechanism of how the injury occurred in the first place.

We treat each case based on your individual needs: this means that we don’t do the same thing every time and we make sure we find what’s going on to get you better.

Take advantage of our most popular treatments. Our team are dedicated to providing the highest level of care and attention and ensuring that you receive the treatment required to maintain a healthy and active lifestyle. Our prices are as follows;

Sports Therapy

Lotti - Head Therapist

  • Initial Injury Assessment Including Treatment - 1 hour£45
  • Follow Up Assessment and Treatment - Up to an hour£40
  • Follow Up Assessment and Treatment - Half Hour£25
  • Running Biomechanics assessment£50
  • Running Biomechanics Coaching Min of 6 sessionsFrom £40 per session
  • Movement Analysis£50
  • Movement re-education Coaching Min of 6 sessionsFrom £40 per session

Sports Massage

Sports Massage Appointment are available at the rates below

  • Sam - Sports Massage Therapist
  • Zoey- Sports Massage Therapist
  • One-hour Sports Massage£38
  • Half Hour Sports Massage£20

Pregnancy Massage

Sam - Pregnancy Massage Specialist

  • One Hour Pregnancy Massage£38

RockTape Application

RockTape Application

  • Lotti - Rocktape Application - 15 mins£10
  • Sam - Rocktape Application - 15 mins£10