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Relieve, Recover & Rehabilitate
Helping you Relieve pain, Recover you from injury, Rehabilitate you back to your Personal Best!

Welcome to Personal Best Sports Therapy
#Relieve #Recover #Rehabilitate

Helping you Relieve pain, Recover you from injury, Rehabilitate you back to your Personal Best!

PB Sports Therapy

PB Sports Therapy is Sports Injury Clinic within Catterick Garrison, North Yorkshire.

We are a team of Graduate Sports Therapists and Sports Massage Therapists who specialise in muscular-skeletal injuries and rehabilitation. We provide you with an extensive range of scientifically-backed treatments which will get you pain free and back to your optimal fitness quickly.

The Latest Therapeutic Treatments

We offer the latest in therapeutic treatments which can apply to a wide range of sports injuries which all improve recovery and aid the bodies healing process.

We aim to work with you to find the treatments that suit your perfect work - life - sporting balance. We treat the symptoms and correct the cause so whether you are a elite athlete, social exerciser or someone who leads a more sedentary lifestyle, if you are in pain or have an injury we can help.

Optimise Your Recovery

Whatever your injury, the team at PB Sports Therapy are here to help find you the treatment that will optimise your recovery and you get injury free as quickly as possible.

Our Team at PB sports Therapy have been hand picked for their unique experience and for their highly qualified skills within the sports injury industry making each individual ideal to help you through your journey. We ensure they bring the best to PB Sports Therapy to achieve great results to support everyone.

We look forward to welcoming you to our clinic where we can help you achieve your:


Helping Relieve pain, Recover from injury, Rehabilitate back to optimal fitness.

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Lotti has helped keep me in good condition so I can train and compete to the best of my ability. Her expertise and knowledge hasn't only kept me injury free but also helped me understand how to construct my training plan and how my body works so I can utilise my sessions. Lotti is incredibly professional, knowledgeable, reliable and genuinely cares about helping her clients.

Michael Major, August 2017

Started seeing lotti as my foot was injured. her advice led me to letting her look at my calf and then my shoulder (which was being treated elsewhere) within in a couple if visits the difference was amazing. No comeback for maintenance just honest treatment then told do do ther exercises. i recommend her to anyone with a sports related injuries.

Steven Smith, August 2017

Lottie does amazing work. I fully understand my injury as she explains what's going on with my shoulder really well. After one session I was pain free for 4 days later which is just amazing when some days I struggled to use my arm. I need this lady to follow me on every posting around the world. Fully recommend this talented lady. Very professional and easy to get along with which makes the experience a nice one

Giverny Anne Horner, October 2016

Highly recommend Lotti. She really out me at ease and was very knowledgeable. I limped in in pain after a running injury and left without it and lots of great advice. She saw me at short notice and is very competitively priced. Can't recommend her highly enough!

Sarah Hogg, March 2016

Have seen Lottie with various injuries. She had always been spot on with her diagnosis and treatment. My back was in spasm where I could hardly walk, had me back at work after an hours massage. Have no hesitation in recommending her to family and friends

Paula Cahill Spence, December 2016

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